Flasher stonefish


  • Often recorded singly.
  • Spines are venomous and can cause a painful sting.
  • If threatened, it may flash the colourful undersides of pectoral fins as warning.


  • Body colour variable depending on the ambient environment, ranging from mottled grey to white. Sometimes even purple or yellow.
  • May have brown or red blotches on body.
  • A prominent hump on the back, just behind the head.
  • Undersides of pectoral fins are yellow with a thick black border.
  • Appearance is extremely similar to another local species, False stonefish, but the two species can be distinguished by the undersides of pectoral fins, in which False stonefish has orange and yellow undersides with dark spots.

Common Name: Flasher stonefish

Family Common Name: Scorpionfishes

Scientific Name: Scorpaenopsis macrochir___(Ogilby, 1910)

Maximum Length: 13.6 cm (Total Length)