Filament-finned prawn-goby


Usually occurs singly or in pairs. Shares burrow with commensal shrimps.


  • Body white to pale brownish with 4 white-edged dark diagonal bars. The last bar lands on the caudal peduncle.
  • Face yellow.
  • First two dorsal spines dark and elongated.
  • Second dorsal, caudal and anal fins lined with bright blue, and rows of bluish dots appear on the second dorsal and caudal fins. However, these are not always clearly visible, particularly in murky water.

Common Name: Filament-finned prawn-goby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Stonogobiops nematodes___(Hoese & Randall, 1982)

Maximum Length: 6 cm (Standard Length)