Marbled rockfish


Mostly observed singly. Viviparous species, offsprings develop inside the body females. In Hong Kong, males become mature from November to January and copulation with females take place. However sperms are stored by females until females become mature and ready to be fertilized from December to March. Sexual maturity approximately 6 cm (Standard Length) for males, and at approximately 8.5 cm (Standard Length) for females. Feeds on crustaceans and small fishes. Adult fish reported to ambush prey.


  • Body colouration reddish to dark brown with light marble mottling, progressively white or light brown ventrally.
  • Tips of most dorsal and anal fin spines white.
  • Spines and ridges on head.
  • Five prominent small, white half-circles along top edge of body near dorsal fin base.

Common Name: Common rockfish, False kelpfish, Marbled rockfish

Family Common Name: Rockfishes

Scientific Name: Sebastiscus marmoratus___(Cuvier, 1829)

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Total Length)