Ember parrotfish


Usually occurs singly or in pairs. Mainly feeds on algae. Exhibits protogynous sex change (female to male). Most females mature sexually when reaching around 32 cm (Fork Length), and change sex to male when reaching around 42 cm (Fork Length). Can live to at least 14 years in the wild.


Terminal phase:
  • Body green, with anterior half of body darker.
  • Tail blue to blue-green.
  • Upper lip with blue to green marking.
  • 2 blue to green horizontal stripes on chin.
Initial phase:
  • Body red to reddish brown with irregular white patches. Posterior half of body may be paler.
  • Scale with dark margins, irregular dark spots and irregular horizontal dark lines.
  • Fins red.

Common Name: African giant parrotfish, Black-veined red parrotfish, Ember parrotfish, Redlip parrotfish

Family Common Name: Parrotfishes

Family: Scaridae

Scientific Name: Scarus rubroviolaceus___(Bleeker, 1847)

Genus: Scarus

Maximum Length: 70 cm (Total Length)