Dwarf hawkfish


  • Mainly feeds on small crustaceans.
  • An adult was recorded once at Shelter Island during the survey, suspected to have been artificially introduced.
  • Maintains territories and defends it against other individuals of the same species and gender.
  • Haremic species – males may dominate a social group of several females and mate with them.
  • Exhibits bi-directional or reversed sex change (females can change sex to male, and then change back to female). It was previously considered to only exhibit protogynous (female to male) sex change.


  • Body white with reddish brown or orange spots and blotches throughout.
  • Spots on posterior part of body are horizontally elongated and line up to form vertical bars.
  • On the face, three vertical reddish brown or orange lines are visible, with the first one running down the middle of the snout, the second one crossing through the eye, and the third stripe behind the eye.
  • A small tuft of cirri on the tips of each dorsal spine.

Common Name: Dwarf hawkfish

Family Common Name: Hawkfishes

Scientific Name: Cirrhitichthys falco___(Randall, 1963)

Maximum Length: 7 cm (Total Length)