Doederlein’s cardinalfish


  • Encountered singly, in pairs or small groups. Juveniles may form schools.
  • Mouth structure in males is different from females. Males can open mouth relatively wider than females to facilitate mouthbrooding during breeding season.
  • Study in Japan reported that spawning occurs in pairs. Immediately after the release of a cohesive egg mass, the male takes it into his mouth, the paternal mouthbrooding of the egg mass continues for 5 – 17 days until hatching. Males spend 80% of spawning season mouthbrooding.
  • Filial cannibalism occasionally reported to occur where males consume the entire brood.


  • Body colouration whitish to pink.
  • Four to five brownish-orange dark horizontal stripes running along the body to the base of caudal fin.
  • A prominent dark spot is present at the base caudal fin.

Common Name: Doederlein's cardinalfish

Family Common Name: Cardinalfishes

Scientific Name: Ostorhinchus doederleini___(Jordan & Snyder, 1901)

Maximum Length: 14 cm (Total Length)