Common silver-biddy


Adults mostly observed singly on sandy bottoms, whilst juveniles observed in small groups in sheltered waters near reefs or over boulders. Study in Japan reported that all females and males are sexually mature at around 14.3 cm and 13.6 cm (Standard Length) respectively. Can live up to 6 years for male fish, whereas females reach 8 years. Feeds on small crustaceans and worms on sandy bottoms.


  • lender body.
  • Body colour plain silvery-white.
  • Dusky patch on the spinous dorsal fin.
  • Caudal fin forked and with long lobes.

Common Name: Black-tipped silver-biddy, Common silver-biddy

Family Common Name: Mojarras

Family: Gerreidae

Scientific Name: Gerres oyena___(Forsskål, 1775)

Genus: Gerres

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Total Length)