• Usually occurs singly.
  • Adults are generally pelagic. Juveniles may occur around reefs.
  • Mainly feeds on crabs and fishes (Meyer and Franks 1996; Shaffer et al 1989).
  • Can live to at least 11 years old in the wild (Franks et al 1999).
  • In Australia, most females mature before attending 78.4 cm (Fork Length).


  • Dorsally silver to dark brown. Ventrally pale brown, silvery or white.
  • May have a horizontal silvery stripe band running from head, crossing above eye and ending at above eye, from head to tail. A second band may sometimes be visible underneath.
  • Lower jaw longer than upper jaw.
  • Pectoral fins dark.
  • Several short, separated dorsal spines in front of soft dorsal fin.

Common Name: Cobia

Family Common Name: Cobia

Scientific Name: Rachycentron canadum___(Linnaeus, 1766)

Maximum Length: 200 cm (Total Length)