Yellowtail clownfish


  • In Hong Kong, spawning season lasts from April to September, and females deposit 6 – 10 egg batches. Each batch can contain 462 – 2,612 eggs.
  • The oldest individual found in Hong Kong was six years old, but reported to live up to 13 years elsewhere.
  • Lives in association with sea anemone. Can occur singly, or in groups made up of one female-male breeding pair with a varying number of non-active males and juveniles.
  • Can change sex from male to female. Females are the dominant sex in the social group. May be aggressive and is known to produce a clicking sound as they rise up to defend their home.


  • Body colour orange to blackish.
  • Three white vertical bars on head, body and caudal peduncle.
  • Colour of caudal fin whitish in female, solid orange or whitish with varying sizes of solid orange colour on upper and lower lobes in males, and transparent in juveniles.

Common Name: Clark's anemonefish, Yellowtail clownfish

Family Common Name: Damselfishes

Scientific Name: Amphiprion clarkii___(Bennett, 1830)

Maximum Length: 8 cm (Total Length)