Chocolate hind


Wary of divers, juveniles are secretive and hide within coral and reef crevices. Mostly encountered singly. It also lives in single male with multiple females and juveniles group. Home ranges for males in this social group is around 24 m2 whereas around 5 m2 for females Female fish becomes mature in about a year at 8 cm (standard length). Can change sex from female to male at 10 - 15 cm (standard length), aged 1-4 years. However individual fish can also be born as males. Spawning season around Hong Kong is from April to October. Can live for at least 11 years. Feeds mainly on fishes and crustaceans.


  • Body colouration mainly brownish, varying from dark brown to pale reddish brown.
  • 7 – 8 vertical dark bars over the body.
  • Blue and dark sub-marginal band on posterior dorsal, anal and caudal fins.
  • A distinctive black spot between upper and middle opercular spines.
  • Yellowish on posterior third of body and caudal fin base.
  • The whitish mid-dorsal stripe, from snout to dorsal fin origin is more conspicuous than in adult individuals.

Common Name: Brown coral-cod, Chocolate hind

Family Common Name: Groupers

Scientific Name: Cephalopholis boenak___(Bloch, 1790)

Maximum Length: 26 cm (Total Length)