Fan-bellied leatherjacket


Often observed singly. Feeds on seagrass, algae, worms and small crustaceans. Can be seen sheltering among black corals at night.


  • Distinctive dorsal spine just above eyes.
  • Body colour and pattern varies according to habitat. Body colouration light brown or greenish to grey with irregular brown blotches and mottling.
  • Large ventral fan-like pelvic-flap lined with light blue dots around margin. Flap can be extended during displays or when alerted.
  • Large adults with a long filament on upper lobe of rounded caudal fin.
  • Spines on caudal peduncle.

Common Name: Chinese filefish, Fan-bellied leatherjacket

Family Common Name: Filefishes

Scientific Name: Monacanthus chinensis___(Osbeck, 1765)

Maximum Length: 38 cm (Total Length)