Chevron butterflyfish


  • Recorded singly and in pairs.
  • Territorial species with a haremic mating system: each male holds a large territory which overlaps with the territories of a few females. The male mates with females within his territory at dusk during full or new moons.
  • Mainly feeds on hard corals, especially Acropora spp..


  • Body white and elongate.
  • Chevron pattern on body.
  • A vertical black bar runs through the eyes.
  • In adults, tails are black with a yellow margin at the posterior end.
  • In juveniles, the yellow margin on the tail is thicker than in adults.
  • At night, two white blotches on the body becomes visible.

Common Name: Chevron butterflyfish

Family Common Name: Butterflyfishes

Scientific Name: Chaetodon trifascialis___(Quoy & Gaimard, 1825)

Maximum Length: 18 cm (Total Length)