Chameleon goby


Native to the Western Pacific, but was artificially introduced to different places throughout the world, probably through ship ballast water transport. For example, the species was also found in the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Australia and California.


  • Body brown.
  • Two dark brown horizontal stripes on body. One of the stripes begins at upper edge of eye and ends at upper caudal fin base, the other begins from anterior tip of head, crosses through eye and ends at mid-caudal fin base. Both stripes end with a black spot.
  • White dots on cheek. These are absent in the similar looking Bare-naped goby.

Common Name: Chameleon goby, Striped tripletooth goby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Tridentiger trigonocephalus___(Gill, 1859)

Maximum Length: 11 cm (Total Length)