Bronze sweeper


  • Rarely observed singly, usually in small groups and occasionally in schools with over a hundred similarly-sized individuals.
  • Often in crevices or caves of rocky areas.
  • Nocturnal species, preferring to hide in day time. Reported to feed on crustaceans, small invertebrates and fishes at night.
  • Able to produce sounds by contracting muscles to create vibrations in the swim bladder wall.


  • Body colouration dark brown dorsally and shading to coppery
  • Blackish anterior edge on dorsal fin. Dusky greyish on basal portion of anal fin.
  • Relatively large eyes.

Common Name: Bronze sweeper, Silver sweeper

Family Common Name: Sweepers

Scientific Name: Pempheris oualensis___(Cuvier, 1831)

Maximum Length: 22 cm (Total Length)