Bluespotted cornetfish


Observed singly or in small groups. Mainly feeds on small fishes and crustaceans. Can use long snout to forage on small fishes hiding inside jellyfish dome. Reported elsewhere to live up to at least 4 years. Reproductively active individuals ranged from 65 – 113 cm (Total Length) for females and from 51 – 100 cm (Total Length) for males. Reproductive season can span at least six-month.


  • Body elongate.
  • Colouration greyish or olive-green dorsally, grading to silvery white ventrally.
  • Often with horizontal blue stripes or rows of blue spots on the back.
  • Tubular snout, caudal fin with a long whitish whip-like filament.
  • Broad, vertical dark bars visible along body at night.

Common Name: Bluespotted cornetfish, Smooth flutemouth

Family Common Name: Cornetfishes

Scientific Name: Fistularia commersonii___(Rüppell, 1838)

Maximum Length: 160 cm (Total Length)