Bluefin gurnard


Usually occurs singly. Able to produce sound underwater by contracting specalised muscles around the swimbladder. Can live to at least 15 years old in the wild. Matures when achieving around 24 cm (Fork Length), at around 2 years old.


  • Body red to brown dorsally, ventrally white.
  • Pectoral fin large, fan-like and yellowish brown with a large dark blotch blue margin and some blue dots.
  • Snout pointed.
  • 3 pectoral fin rays separated from the pectoral fin, forming a fingerlike feature just in front of the pectoral fin.

Common Name: Bluefin gurnard

Family Common Name: Searobins

Family: Triglidae

Scientific Name: Chelidonichthys kumu___(Cuvier, 1829)

Maximum Length: 60 cm (Total Length)