Blue-barred parrotfish


Initial phase individuals may form small groups. Feeds on algae foraged from rocks and corals. At night, it hides under corals and boulders. Known to occasionally surround itself with a cocoon of mucus which prevents scents from reaching potential predators. Reported to be able to change sex from female to male throughout growth.


Adults have two colour phases. Terminal phase:
  • Pink-edged scales, green on the back and progressively paler near belly.
  • Tail is lunate in shape.
Initial phase:
  • Yellowish body with five blue vertical bars.
  • Dorsal, anal and caudal fins are yellow in colour.

Common Name: Blue-barred parrotfish, Blue-striped parrotfish, Cream parrotfish, Yellowscale parrotfish

Family Common Name: Parrotfishes

Family: Scaridae

Scientific Name: Scarus ghobban___(Forsskål, 1775)

Genus: Scarus

Maximum Length: 90 cm (Total Length)