Blotched foxface


  • Occurs singly, in pairs or in groups.
  • Feeds on algae.


  • Body yellow.
  • A horizontal elongated black blotch on body which may sometimes become paler or completely disappear.
  • Head white.
  • Snout protruded.
  • A diagonal black bar begins from nape, crosses through eye and ends at snout.
  • A second diagonal black bar extends in front of pelvic fin base, crosses through gill silt and ends around eye level (usually touches yellow part of body) . The diagonal black bar of similar looking Foxface ends slightly above pectoral fin base, which does not touch the yellow part of the body.

Common Name: Blotched foxface

Family Common Name: Rabbitfishes

Family: Siganidae

Scientific Name: Siganus unimaculatus___(Evermann & Seale, 1907)

Genus: Siganus

Maximum Length: 20 cm (Standard Length)