Bigmouth shrimpgoby


Shares burrow with commensal shrimps. In Singapore, it was shown that the Bigmouth shrimpgoby had specific symbiotic partner preferences for Alpheus rapax over other symbiotic shrimp species.


  • Body brown, or black to silvery. Ventrally white.
  • First dorsal fin elongated with black anterior margin. The first four dorsal spines are longest and similar in length.
  • Second dorsal fin with reddish-brown spots and bluish margin.
  • Tail fan-shaped when opened. Mix of bluish and yellowish colours with pink to red streaks.
  • Resembles Lachner’s shrimpgoby, but readily distinguishable by fin patterns. In Lachner’s shrimpgoby, only the first two spines of the first dorsal fin are longest and the second dorsal fin does not have brown spots. A horizontal black stripe runs through the middle of the tail, which is not present for the Bigmouth shrimpgoby.

Common Name: Bigmouth shrimpgoby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Myersina c.f. macrostoma___(Herre, 1934)

Genus: Myersina

Maximum Length: 6 cm (Total Length)