Bartail flathead


  • Often observed lying motionless in sandy bottoms and partially buried in sand.
  • Feeds on small fishes and crustaceans.
  • The peak spawning season for this species in Hong Kong is from October to February.
  • In Hong Kong waters, most males and females mature at around 23.5 cm and 45.7 cm (Fork Length).


  • Head and body greyish brown with grey mottling and black dots.
  • Ventrally yellow.
  • Caudal fins truncate with a horizontal yellow stripe near the middle. Upper and lower lobes with black and white stripes.

Common Name: Bartail flathead

Family Common Name: Flatheads

Scientific Name: Platycephalus indicus___(Linnaeus, 1758)

Maximum Length: 100 cm (Total Length)