Barred soapfish


Mostly observed singly, and occasionally in small groups. Feeds mainly on fishes. When stressed or harassed, may secrete a slimy skin toxin, grammistin,. Experiment showed that when confined in small volume of water, this toxin can be lethal to other fish species. (*note) *Note: One D. bifasciatum, 158 mm in standard length, was agitated in 800 ml of seawater for 5 minutes. Five adults of Japanese rice fish, Oryzias latipes, were then placed in this water. They showed immediate motor excitation and died within 15 minutes. Although a fresh- water species, O. latipes, can ordinarily survive in seawater for at least a day.


  • Body colouration pale to bright yellow.
  • Two prominent dark brown to blackish vertical bars on sides, one through eye and a broader one across middle of the body.
  • Postflexion larval body yellow with long, remarkable elongate dorsal filaments (the second and third dorsal fin spines), reaching lengths longer than the body. No dark bars.

Common Name: Barred soapfish, Two-banded sea-perch

Family Common Name: Groupers

Scientific Name: Diploprion bifasciatum___(Cuvier, 1828)

Maximum Length: 25 cm (Total Length)