Bare-naped goby


  • Usually occurs singly.
  • Feeds on small fishes and small invertebrates.


  • Body colour changes with environment. Dorsally from yellowish brown to light grey with numerous black dots., v Ventrally white.
  • Body colour changes with environment.
  • A black stripe from snout to caudal peduncle., From behind pectoral fin base, the stripe begins breaking into small sections until reaching caudal peduncle.
  • Pectoral fin base with a dark blue dot.
  • A black dot at upper and lower caudal fin base respectively.

Common Name: Bare-naped goby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Tridentiger nudicervicus___(Tomiyama, 1934)

Maximum Length: 6 cm (Total Length)