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Tiu Chung Chau (Jin Island)

About The Site

Tiu Chung Chau lies adjacent to the south of Kau Sai Chau, in between Port Shelter and Rocky Harbour. Its Cantonese name, Tiu Chung Chau (lit. “hanging bell”), was inspired by its temple bell-shaped relief. Tiu Chung Chau is also an attraction of the Hong Kong Geopark, featuring rectangular and pentagonal columnar rocks that are unlike elsewhere. Years of erosion by sea waves and winds gave rise to its spectacular geological landforms such as sea arches and stacks, such as a sea stack on the south of Jin Island (“Kam Chung Ngam”) giving the image of an adorable goldfish wagging its tail when viewed from above, and the famous landmark “Tiu Chung arch” frequented by kayakers and coasteering enthusiasts.

The dive spot of Jin Island is located in Tai Wong Bay, on the west of Jin Island. On average, water depth ranges from 6 – 10 m, reaching 20 m at its maximum and making this dive site relatively beginner-friendly. The habitat here is mostly rocky, but becomes sandy as depth increases. In Tai Wong Bay, a diverse range of reef fishes can be found taking shelter under boulders and larger rocks. Commonly spotted fishes include cardinalfishes, Yellowstripe scads, butterflyfishes, wrasses, damsels, Bronze sweepers, and lionfishes. Rarer species such as the White-spotted puffer, Blackbar filefish, Western gregory, and Cheilodipterus cardinalfishes may also be found. Diadema sea urchins thrive in this dive site, so divers should pay extra attention to avoid injury.

Another dive spot, Twin Reefs (or “Ma Zai Paai” in Cantonese), is located on the south side of Jin Island. Due to the absence of a natural barrier, this dive site is not as easily accessible.

Soft Coral & Gorgonian: No

AFCD Coral Area Anchor: No

Marine Protected Area: No

Sandy / Rubble Habitat: Yes

Rock / Boulder Habitat: Yes

Anemone Garden: No

Deep water areas (> 18m): Yes

Surface Traffic: In a fairway with busy maritime traffic, especially in summer.

Mobile Signal: Yes

Muddy / Silty Habitat: Yes

AFCD HK Artificial Reef Project: No

Beach: No

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Total Cumulative Species Count: 102

Suggested Boarding pier: Sai Kung Pier, Pak Sha Wan

Distance from Suggested Boarding Pier: about 7.5 km from Sai Kung Pier or Pak Sha Wan