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Sung Kong

About The Site

Sung Kong sits southeast of Cape D’Aguilar on Hong Kong’s southeastern tip. As a part of Po Toi Islands, the island of Sung Kong is northeast of Po Toi’s main island. The dive spot sits approximately 500 m away from the northwest of Sung Kong Island and nearby two large boulders. Visibility is limited most of the year, and dives at this site should be planned for before the month of May, when visibility is preferable. Diving at this site is also not advisable when wind force exceeds 3. The average depth here lies between 10 – 20 m, reaching 30 m at maximum with the possibility of strong currents. Diving at this site is only advised for experienced divers with Advanced Open Water Diver certification or above.

The site’s comparatively steep relief with pronounced depth variation features large boulders on silty sand bottoms. Rocky reefs are covered in soft corals, gorgonian corals, and sun corals with an abundance of black corals hidden at greater depths. On a clear day, the site can present an impressive view of a colorful coral garden. Divers should be especially conscious to apply and maintain well-practiced neutral buoyancy when visiting the garden to reduce the human impact on the coral colonies. Many of Hong Kong’s commonly encountered reef fish species can be found here, as well as rarer species, such as Parablennius blennies, lionfishes, yellow hawkfish, and frogfishes, etc. One can also find nudibranchs, feather stars, anemones, Tozeuma shrimps, sea stars, and sea cucumbers galore, including brightly colored sea apples. Blooming with a wealth of diverse marine creatures, Sung Kong is one of Hong Kong’s most-loved dive sites.

Soft Coral & Gorgonian: Yes

AFCD Coral Area Anchor: No

Marine Protected Area: No

Sandy / Rubble Habitat: No

Rock / Boulder Habitat: Yes

Anemone Garden: No

Deep water areas (> 18m): Yes

Surface Traffic: Nearby fairways and busy

Mobile Signal: Weak / None

Muddy / Silty Habitat: Yes

AFCD HK Artificial Reef Project: No

Beach: No

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Total Cumulative Species Count: 56

Suggested Boarding pier: Tseung Kwan O, Shau Kei Wan, Aberdeen

Distance from Suggested Boarding Pier: 14 km from Tseung Kwan O and Shau Kei Wan; 17 km from Aberdeen