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East Dam

About The Site

The High Island Reservoir is Hong Kong’s largest reservoir by volume of storage. The East Dam breakwater is made of over 2500 “dolosse”, double-“T”- or anchor- shaped concrete structures.

This site is not advisable for beginners. Unlike Sharp Island or Ung Kong Wan, there are no shallow water areas here spacious enough for training. Although a shallow water zone can be found towards the western side of the site (towards the left when you’re facing the dam), the spot is dominated by sandy bottoms with pieces of rocks scattered throughout, making it difficult for training to proceed.

Most diving activities take place near the dolosse, at average depths of about 11 – 14 m. Here, nudibranchs and lobsters are sometimes spotted, and if you’re lucky you may even see a group of barracudas weaving in and out of sight. A diver had even reportedly come across a sea turtle here once!

Divers visiting the East Dam must remember to never enter the gaps formed between the dolosse, where visibility and light penetration become affected and divers may lose their way, or become unable to find their way out.

High Island is a geosite of Hong Kong UNESCO Global Geopark. Most of the notable rock formations are located behind the East Dam and around the reservoir.

Soft Coral & Gorgonian: Not observed

AFCD Coral Area Anchor: No

Marine Protected Area: No

Sandy / Rubble Habitat: Yes

Rock / Boulder Habitat: Yes

Anemone Garden: No

Deep water areas (> 18m): No

Surface Traffic: Not too bad

Mobile Signal: Weak

Muddy / Silty Habitat: No

AFCD HK Artificial Reef Project: No

Beach: No

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Total Cumulative Species Count: 90

Suggested Boarding pier: Sai Kung Pier or Pak Sha Wan

Distance from Suggested Boarding Pier: 18km from Sai Kung Pier / 17km from Pak Sha Wan Pier