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Clearwater Bay

About The Site

A relatively less popular dive site, the Clearwater Bay site is located right next to The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club, facing Steep Island. The tetrapod structure of the breakwater and large boulders underwater provide shelter and a home for marine life.

A few points to note for diving at this site:
1. Many boats enter and exit the Country Club, so take care to steer clear of their course.
2. Take extra caution of loose items on your dive gear, which may become caught or lost in the crevices between boulders.
3. Particularly when the waters are rough, keep a distance from the shallow water area next to the breakwater to avoid injuries from crashing into the structure or getting washed into the gaps.

Divers are advised to stay at 3 – 8 m depth, where large boulders dominate and a variety of marine life can be found. Sandy bottom zones begin to emerge beyond around 8 m, and the chances of encounter with marine animals also decrease with depth.

Soft Coral & Gorgonian: Not observed

AFCD Coral Area Anchor: No

Marine Protected Area: No

Sandy / Rubble Habitat: Yes

Rock / Boulder Habitat: Yes

Anemone Garden: No

Deep water areas (> 18m): No

Surface Traffic: Busy at gate to The Clearwater Bay Golf & Country Club

Mobile Signal: Good

Muddy / Silty Habitat: No

AFCD HK Artificial Reef Project: No

Beach: No

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Total Cumulative Species Count: 128

Suggested Boarding pier: Sai Kung Pier or Pak Sha Wan

Distance from Suggested Boarding Pier: 13 – 14 km from Sai Kung Pier / 13 km from Pak Sha Wan Pier